This blog is driven by the creativity that I believe is inherent in all of us individually, is amplified exponentially when we think or act collectively, and yet is so often suppressed or constrained by conventional thinking, whether our own, others’ or society’s.

Galileo was persecuted, prosecuted and imprisoned for challenging conventional thinking that the Sun revolved around the Earth in the 1600s. In 1992 the Pope officially acknowledged Galileo got it right.

Ironically, Galileo also invented the scientific method, which though theoretically is based objectively on evidence and outcome, in practice has become so constrained by vested interests, both academic and commercial, that it has become a re-enforcer of conventional thinking and a barrier to breakthrough learning.

Galileo would turn in his grave.

This blog seeks to celebrate that spirit of creativity, that curious energy that isn’t afraid to challenge conventional thinking in the pursuit of better and more complete understanding.

A word of warning: it is not intended to encourage the sort of ‘conspiracy theories’ that seek to challenge conventional thinking by taking small parts of the truth and reaching irrational conclusions.

21st Century Galileos seek a greater understanding through more truth, rather than less. I hope this blog enhances both knowledge and the understanding of what gets in the way of greater knowledge.

Stuart Black